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BRob Recap: June 5, 2006

June 5, 2006: TOR 0, O's 4

At the Plate: I've abandoned the BRob Recap lately, because, well, our boy's been slumping, and he took his 3rd consecutive 0-for game last night. Seriously - double plays, called 3rd strikes, caught stealing? What gives, B? All I have to say is - look out Blue Jays, because the Man is DUE.

In the Field:  Bri may have forgotten his bat, but he did bring his glove last night, as he made his first web-gem caliber play of the season last night in the eight inning. He dove to his left and threw quickly to first to take away a basehit. I've been waiting for some flashy defense - and that play was nice.

They Make A Cute Couple (Guess that's why they're a bobblehead!): During the "Sights and Sounds of the Game", there was a funny shot of Brian dancing with Melvin during BP. It looked like the two were sharing a nice moment together - it was cute.

Up Next: Blue Jays again. Bedard vs. Some Guy I've never heard of. I'll be at the Rob Thomas concert at Merriweather, so odds are Brian will choose tonight to break out of his slump in a big way (since I won't be watching) - but I guess that's why God invented TiVo. Go O's!
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