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BRob Recap: May 31, 2006

May 31, 2006: Rays 5, O's 6

At the Plate:
Well, officially, he was 0-for-4 with a couple of walks, but he did score the run that tied the game in the fifth.

In the Field: Um, I think he fielded a couple of grounders. (Gee, Bri, you've got to give me something to work with here, please!)

Up Next: The O's go for the sweep tonight, but it's likely not to be an easy task with recently shaky Erik Bedard pitching for us and Scott Kazmir pitching for TB. But, the good news is Brian's 6-for-14 (that's .429!) with a home run lifetime off of the young lefty. Man, it sure would be nice to go into tomorrow's Yankee series hot (no pressure, I'm just saying...). Go O's!
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