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BRob Recap: May 30, 2006

May 30, 2006: TB 5, O's 7

At the Plate:
There's no doubt that last night was The Corey Patterson Show, but Brian did his part to contribute. He singled to lead off the bottom of the first and scored on Ramon's triple. He also had a sacrifice fly and a RBI in the fifth inning.

In the Field: Again, even on defense it was The Corey Patterson Show, but Brian made a HUGE play in the top of the seventh inning when he backed up Melvin's errant throw to first, and made a heads-up throw to Kevin Millar to get Hollins out as he drifted too far off first base. The play squashed a would-be TB rally.

A Little Love from the Manager: "Big play. Big play," Perlozzo said. "Tonight, they really went out, helped each other out and were on top of the game. They didn't assume anything and played well. Brian is that kind of player. He's a good baseball player."  That may be the understatement of the season, Sam.

...And Some Love for Corey P: Like I said, with two home runs and the catch that saved C-Ray from his first blown save, it was all about Corey Patterson last night. Here are a couple of funny quotes from today's news:

"They should both name a street and day for him, for his total contribution to the greater Baltimore area. And his game should go down in infamy. It was quite a performance."  - TB Manager Joe Maddon.

"Thank you, Chicago!" - Melvin Mora, shouted in the clubhouse after the game.

Up Next: The O's will try to make it three in a row tonight as Bruce Chen (who WILL get his first win tonight, I just know it!!) takes on Tampa Bay's James Shields. This will be Shields' Major League debut, so there are no numbers to report. Let's just hope the O's fair better than they did Satruday against the Angels' Weaver. Go O's!


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