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Apology Accepted, O's Say [19 Dec 2007|10:28am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

And even Angelos has some nice words to sayCollapse )

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Even the good guys make mistakes [18 Dec 2007|11:41am]

[ mood | sad ]

Brian Roberts admits to taking steroids once in 2003Collapse )

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Segui defends Roberts [17 Dec 2007|10:41am]

Segui makes Roberts' case
Retired Oriole says second baseman doesn't belong on list, citing 'hearsay'
By Dan Connolly | Sun Reporter
December 15, 2007

Former Oriole David Segui is mentioned continually throughout baseball's newly released Mitchell Report on steroids, but what irks him most is that his ex-teammate Brian Roberts also is implicated as a performance-enhancing drug user based on what Segui believes is a combination of hearsay and inaccuracies from a trusted mutual friend.

Roberts, the Orioles' All-Star second baseman, was included in the scathing report after ex-Orioles outfielder Larry Bigbie relayed a 2004 conversation to investigators in which Roberts allegedly admitted injecting himself with steroids "once or twice" in 2003.

Former Sen. George Mitchell, who led the investigation, said that he attempted to meet with Roberts but that the second baseman declined. So the reference to Roberts in Mitchell's report is based solely on Bigbie's testimony.

And that has angered Segui, who considered Bigbie "a little brother" and allowed Bigbie and Roberts to live with him free of rent during the 2001 season.

"By far, that's the thing that's bothered me the most about the whole entire thing," Segui said yesterday. "[Bigbie] threw Brian Roberts' name out on complete hearsay. Calling it hearsay would be giving it more credibility than it deserves. I'm at a loss as to why Brian Roberts' name would come out of his mouth."

Bigbie, who has signed to play in Japan in 2008, could not be reached for comment. Roberts and his agent did not return phone calls to The Sun.

In the Mitchell Report, Bigbie makes assertions about his own drug use and said it was Segui who introduced him both to steroids and to Kirk Radomski, the former New York Mets clubhouse attendant who has admitted to supplying dozens of players with human growth hormone and performance-enhancing drugs.

Segui said that much is true, and he admitted to educating Bigbie on steroids - after the rookie persisted - and giving Bigbie a sample of his own stash while Bigbie waited on his first shipment from Radomski.

But Segui contends that several other statements were fabricated, including the large quantity of steroids Bigbie initially took and allegations that Segui injected Bigbie and oversaw the rookie's drug cycles.

The most egregious inaccuracy in the testimony, Segui said, is Bigbie's recollection of a lunch in New York during the 2003 season. Bigbie told Mitchell that he, Segui, Radomski and Roberts dined together and then later Bigbie sat in Radomski's car and watched Segui buy "performance-enhancing substances and paraphernalia." Bigbie said Roberts was not in the car at the time.

Segui said Roberts wasn't there at all - that instead, Segui's son, Cory, then 11, was with them at lunch. Segui added that not only didn't he buy drugs from Radomski that day, but that he didn't purchase anything illegal from Radomski after 2002.

"Brian Roberts has never met Kirk Radomski, at least not in my presence," said Segui, who has admitted to taking steroids and to providing Radomski's contact information to several players who wanted to know more about performance-enhancers. "And I don't know wherever else he would have met him."

He refrained from offering more discrepancies to Bigbie's statements, instead saying he wanted to focus on Roberts.

"I'm not worried about damage control on my part. I don't care about that," said Segui, who retired after the 2004 season. "What I care about is Brian Roberts. He is the kind of guy you want your daughter to marry. He is the kind of guy you want your son to grow up to be. Leave him out of this [stuff]. He has nothing to do with this."

This is the second report in 15 months in which Roberts allegedly has been accused by a former teammate of using performance-enhancing drugs. The Los Angeles Times reported in September 2006 that former Orioles reliever Jason Grimsley named Roberts, outfielder Jay Gibbons and former Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada in a federal affidavit as steroid users. At the time, Roberts denied the allegations.

Segui wasn't the only one coming to Roberts' defense yesterday. Former Orioles vice president Jim Duquette, who resigned in October, said he was surprised that Roberts was in the Mitchell Report based on the cited evidence.

"I think he has one of the biggest gripes in the report, that his name shows up among other players with specific evidence. There are canceled checks, eyewitness reports of injections," Duquette said. "But the sole evidence on Brian is the word of a guy who has been accused of using steroids and recalls one piece of a conversation. I think Brian has the biggest gripe of them all."

Gripe or not, Roberts has very little legal recourse, according to Robert J. Kheel, an attorney and Columbia Law School lecturer.

"All that Mitchell is doing is that he is reporting a fact," he said. "That is not libelous. It's a factual report about what someone said. It could be true; it could be untrue. ... [Mitchell] is not vouching for the correctness. He is just reporting that this is the information that was provided to him."

Kheel said it's difficult for a public figure, which Roberts is, to prove defamation.

"Assuming his innocence, his remedy is public relations," Kheel said. "No one is saying he should go to jail. No one is saying his career should be interrupted. Someone is just saying something that may or may not be true, and he can have a press conference and say that is wrong."


And Jayson Stark had this to say on espn.com: "Take Brian Roberts , for example. Nobody in here has a bigger beef than he does. What's the "evidence" in his case? An alleged lunch date with Radomski, David Segui and Larry Bigbie -- after which Segui is said to have bought steroids (with Roberts not present). And Bigbie's claim that Roberts told him he used steroids "once or twice," even though Bigbie never witnessed it or even suspected it. That's it. No syringes. No empty bottles. No shipping labels. Nada. I can't think of any self-respecting editor I've ever worked for or with who would have allowed me to write a news story based on "evidence" that flimsy. So what's it doing in a report that cost more than the Florida Marlins' entire payroll?"
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The Mitchell Report [14 Dec 2007|10:32am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Brian Roberts was one of many mentioned in The Mitchell Report which was downloaded 1.8 million times in the first 3 hours after its release yesterday.

Taken from page 158 (actual page #, page 206 if you use the Adobe Pages option on the left) of the Mitchell Report:

Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts is an infielder who has played for the Baltimore Orioles since 2001. He has been selected to two All-Star teams.

Roberts and Larry Bigbie were both rookies in 2001. According to Bigbie, both
he and Roberts lived in Segui's house in the Baltimore area during the latter part of that season. When Bigbie and Segui used steroids in the house, Roberts did not participate.

According to Bigbie, however, in 2004 Roberts admitted to him that he had
injected himself once or twice with steroids in 2003. Until this admission, Bigbie had never suspected Roberts of using steroids.

In order to provide Roberts with information about these allegations and to give him an opportunity to respond, I asked him to meet with me; he declined.


While, intellectually, I know that one or two uses of steroids 4 years ago isn't going to produce results (I mean, have you *seen* the little guy? *grin*), it's still a little disappointing/disheartening to have his name linked to this. :( Of course, in my heart of hearts, I'm just thinking that Bigbie is a big, fat liar and this is 100% untrue. :)

I haven't read the whole thing yet (it's 400+ pages!) but, man, I hope something good comes out of this!

Also, there's rumor/theory/speculation that Barry Bonds might have been warned about upcoming tests.

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Brian Roberts up for MLB Man of the Year [10 Sep 2007|09:29am]

Vote for Brian Roberts as Man of the Year!
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New Article [31 May 2007|01:55am]

I found this article, Orioles' Roberts Overcomes Lifetime of Hardships and Trials. It's nothing you probably haven't read before, but a good article, nonetheless!
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I don't care what anyone says... [05 Mar 2007|04:40pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

The boy looks kinda good scruffy! *grin*Collapse )

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brian praise [23 Jul 2006|04:52pm]

Ok, so this might get posted twice cause I'm not sure if it worked the first time. But anyway...just a small tidbit from the other night that I wanted to pass along. We all know how amazing Brian is, but I thought this quote from Buck Martinez Friday night was great:

"As great a player as he (Brian) is, he's a better person."

I couldn't agree more :)
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July 22, 2006 Game Update: Orioles vs. Devil Rays [23 Jul 2006|12:05pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

July 22, 2006
Orioles: 12
Devil Rays: 13

Ok, this game was so bizarre!!  I had to post about it!!  I was at the Ironbirds game, waiting through a rain delay and they were playing the game on the jumbo screen and we were up 3-0!!!  I come home because I was convinced the rain would cancel the game, and we're down 3-13 in the 7th!!!  What in the hey happened?! 

Brian had a great night at the plate though!

Brian's At-Bats: WIth a 5 hit night (!!!!), Brian hit his 21st and 22nd double of the year and singled 3 times, ground into a double play, and hit a fly ball to center.  He scored 2 runs and had one RBI.

Fangirl Note: I think he cut his hair!  Some people thought he looked good with longer hair, but I didn't really like it; maybe he was superstitious and thought it gave him good vibes.  

Another Questions and then I'll end...: Has anyone else considered going to Brian's Baseball Bash?  If you don't know what this is referring to, it's a fundraiser to help raise money for the University of Maryland Hospital for Children.  I was totally ready to go because some of the players are going to be there and the coaches, too, but the tickets are $200!  I don't know if I can afford to dish out that type of cash :(

Up Next:  The Birds hope to avoid a sweep against the elusive Devil Rays!!  After missing his Friday start because of food poisoning, Erik Bedard (!!) will hopefully continue his hot streak and make it 7 in a row!  He will face Scott Kazmir who is 10-7 with an ERA of 3.40.  But he is 0-1 with an ERA of 13.50 against Baltimore this season!

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[23 Jul 2006|12:38am]

does anyone have an extra Brian Roberts poster i could have? please?
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[13 Jul 2006|12:59am]

If anybody is getting an extra Brian Roberts bobblehead or poster, could you send it to me? I really want to go to the game but I have to be in charlottesville for classes :(. I will definitely pay the shipping and give mad props to the sender!

Thanks so much,
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BRob Recap: June 8, 2006 [09 Jun 2006|11:53am]

[ mood | happy ]

June 8, 2006: Jays 5, O's 7

At the Plate:
Hey! The O's won AND Brian had a big game! It's about time. I don't know where Brian's been all week - but he's back and we missed him! He had two hits off of Roy Halladay last night and a HUGE bases loaded walk in the eight inning that gave the O's the lead for good. (Did anyone else notice that the TV coverage didn't show that ball four pitch live and have a heart attack? They were showing the crowd when he threw it!). Brian had several really patient at-bats last night that resulted in him reaching base - that's a great sign that he's back to normal.

Up Next: The O's are in the Twinkie Dome tonight for a weekend series against the Twins. Lopez & Lopez will try to make it four in a row against Minnesota's Brad Radke. Brian's only 3-for-17 lifetime against Radke, but two of the three were home runs!

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B-Rob Recap: June 7, 2006 [08 Jun 2006|09:29am]

[ mood | relieved ]

June 7, 2006: TOR 5, O's 3

The Good News:
Brian went 3-for-4! The 0-for-19 skid is over! Let's hope a hot streak is right around the corner.

The Bad News: Let's just worry about the good news, ok? All I'll say about the rest of the game is: Oy.

Up Next: The series and the homestand end tonight against the Blue Jays. The O's need to win tonight to even the homestand at 5-5, but the odds are against them with Roy Halladay pitching for the Jays. But, who knows? Maybe Adam Loewen will pitch a complete game shutout. Or maybe Halladay will catch whatever flue A-Rod and Giambi had. There's always hope.

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ATTENTION: MISSING! [07 Jun 2006|01:50pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Paging B-Rob's Mojo...Would B-Rob's Mojo please report back to the lead-off spot of the Baltimore Orioles' batting order at Camden Yards before 7:05 tonight? If anyone happens to spot B-Rob's Mojo, would you please notify the proper authorities so it can be returned to its rightful owner (that'd be B-Rob) as soon as possible? Thank you!

Seriously, everyone think happy Brian thoughts today (like THAT's hard to do!). He needs some positive energy right now, 'cause, in case you haven't noticed, B-Rob B-Slumpin'. We can't have that.

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BRob Recap: June 5, 2006 [06 Jun 2006|09:03am]

[ mood | okay ]

June 5, 2006: TOR 0, O's 4

At the Plate: I've abandoned the BRob Recap lately, because, well, our boy's been slumping, and he took his 3rd consecutive 0-for game last night. Seriously - double plays, called 3rd strikes, caught stealing? What gives, B? All I have to say is - look out Blue Jays, because the Man is DUE.

In the Field:  Bri may have forgotten his bat, but he did bring his glove last night, as he made his first web-gem caliber play of the season last night in the eight inning. He dove to his left and threw quickly to first to take away a basehit. I've been waiting for some flashy defense - and that play was nice.

They Make A Cute Couple (Guess that's why they're a bobblehead!): During the "Sights and Sounds of the Game", there was a funny shot of Brian dancing with Melvin during BP. It looked like the two were sharing a nice moment together - it was cute.

Up Next: Blue Jays again. Bedard vs. Some Guy I've never heard of. I'll be at the Rob Thomas concert at Merriweather, so odds are Brian will choose tonight to break out of his slump in a big way (since I won't be watching) - but I guess that's why God invented TiVo. Go O's!

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BRob Recap: June 1, 2006 [02 Jun 2006|12:20pm]

[ mood | okay ]

June 1, 2006: Rays 8, O's 6

At the Plate:
The Good News: Brian had a nice night at the plate. He was 2-for-4 with a walk, an RBI, and a run scored. In the first inning he stole two bases which makes him a perfect 11-for-11 in stolen base attempts in 2006. The Bad News: Well, you know the bad news. It rained, which always screws everything up, Erik couldn't survive the delay, the bullpen was used up from the day before, yada yada yada. Oh well, I knew the sweep wasn't likely.

Up Next: The Yankees! (Sarcastic enthusiasm). Kris Benson will face Jaret Wright tonight. The Good News: There will be no Matsui, no Sheffield, and Jeter and Rivera both missed yesterday's game with injuries, although I have a feeling they will find a way to heal just to play in Baltimore. So, if we could just get Giambi whacked before tonight's game, we'd be in good shape (Just kidding...sort of). Oh, and Brian's 3-for-6 with a home run lifetime off of Wright. Let's hope our YANKEE KILLAH is ready for a big weekend!

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BRob Recap: May 31, 2006 [01 Jun 2006|03:01pm]

[ mood | happy ]

May 31, 2006: Rays 5, O's 6

At the Plate:
Well, officially, he was 0-for-4 with a couple of walks, but he did score the run that tied the game in the fifth.

In the Field: Um, I think he fielded a couple of grounders. (Gee, Bri, you've got to give me something to work with here, please!)

Up Next: The O's go for the sweep tonight, but it's likely not to be an easy task with recently shaky Erik Bedard pitching for us and Scott Kazmir pitching for TB. But, the good news is Brian's 6-for-14 (that's .429!) with a home run lifetime off of the young lefty. Man, it sure would be nice to go into tomorrow's Yankee series hot (no pressure, I'm just saying...). Go O's!

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BRob Recap: May 30, 2006 [31 May 2006|08:53am]

[ mood | happy ]

May 30, 2006: TB 5, O's 7

At the Plate:
There's no doubt that last night was The Corey Patterson Show, but Brian did his part to contribute. He singled to lead off the bottom of the first and scored on Ramon's triple. He also had a sacrifice fly and a RBI in the fifth inning.

In the Field: Again, even on defense it was The Corey Patterson Show, but Brian made a HUGE play in the top of the seventh inning when he backed up Melvin's errant throw to first, and made a heads-up throw to Kevin Millar to get Hollins out as he drifted too far off first base. The play squashed a would-be TB rally.

A Little Love from the Manager: "Big play. Big play," Perlozzo said. "Tonight, they really went out, helped each other out and were on top of the game. They didn't assume anything and played well. Brian is that kind of player. He's a good baseball player."  That may be the understatement of the season, Sam.

...And Some Love for Corey P: Like I said, with two home runs and the catch that saved C-Ray from his first blown save, it was all about Corey Patterson last night. Here are a couple of funny quotes from today's news:

"They should both name a street and day for him, for his total contribution to the greater Baltimore area. And his game should go down in infamy. It was quite a performance."  - TB Manager Joe Maddon.

"Thank you, Chicago!" - Melvin Mora, shouted in the clubhouse after the game.

Up Next: The O's will try to make it three in a row tonight as Bruce Chen (who WILL get his first win tonight, I just know it!!) takes on Tampa Bay's James Shields. This will be Shields' Major League debut, so there are no numbers to report. Let's just hope the O's fair better than they did Satruday against the Angels' Weaver. Go O's!


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BRob Recap: May 26-28, 2006 [30 May 2006|10:53am]

[ mood | okay ]

May 26, 2006: O's 2, LAA 5

At the Plate:
Brian was 1-for-3 with a double, a walk, and a run scored in this disappointing loss. It fell apart late for the Birds, but one big bright spot was a quality start from Bruce Chen, who left with the score tied at two after six innings.

May 27, 2006: O's 1, LAA 10

At the Plate:
Brian was 0-for-3, and like we already knew, when Brian goes 0-for, it usually means bad things for the O's. But, we did actually get to see Adam Loewen on television after his ML debut was blacked out in Seattle.

May 28, 2006: O's 7, LAA 6

At the Plate:
Yay! A big day! Brian was 3-for-5 with 3 singles, two runs scored, and an RBI which was part of the big four run seventh inning that capped the comeback win for the Orioles. It was nice to see the team rally after Perlozzo was ejected in the disastrous previous inning. C-Ray (LOVE him!) held on for a gutsy, too-close-for-my-comfort two inning save, and Kurt Birkins, who's been awesome since joining the team, earned his first big league win. It looked bleak early, but it turned into a nice win to end the road trip on.

Up Next: The bad news: The O's open up a difficult 10 game homestand tonight that will bring in the Yankees and Blue Jays. If the Orioles want their season to start looking up, this might be the week to start playing better.
The good news: Tampa Bay is up first. Tonight, Rodrigo will try to build off of his great start in Seattle tonight against TB's Doug Waechter, who's numbers (0-3, 6.43 ERA) say we should be able to take this guy ("Should" being the key word). Brian is 1-for-9 lifetime with a double against him.

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BRob Recap: May 25, 2006 [26 May 2006|08:48am]

[ mood | happy ]

May 25, 2006: O's 2, SEA 0

At the Plate:
Brian appeared to be back to his old self yesterday - he was 2-for-4 with two doubles and two runs scored - the only runs the Orioles would score. RoLo was STELLAR (he can thank me later for my positive vibe-sending), and Miggy and Gibby (Bless his heart) both delivered big RBI base hits. Yet another lights out outing from Chris "Game Over" Ray, and it turned out to be a great game for the O's. See how easy it can be when everyone does what they're supposed to do? Let's hope for a lot more games like this one.

Up Next: The O's head south to Anaheim for a three game series with the Los Angelos Angels of Anaheim of Orange County of the State of California of the United States of America of the continent of North America of the planet Earth of the Solar System of the Galaxy - or whatever that team is called now.
Bruce Chen will follow in his good buddy RoLo's example and get his first big win of the season against the Angels' Kevin Gregg (BELIEVE IT!). By the way, Brian is 1-for-4 lifetime off of Gregg.

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